Carla's Family Nutrition & Wellness

Our Services

Group Nutrition

Carla encourages you to bring a friend, spouse, sibling, or significant other for a group nutrition visit. 

Making nutritional change is easier when you have support. Carla welcomes small groups for counseling of similar issues to improve outcome and compliance.  

Individual Nutrition Assessment

Carla's Family Nutrition and Wellness provides cutting edge nutritional interventions to individuals with a  variety of concerns. 

Carla has worked with patients for weight loss, GI diseases, food allergies, diabetes, hypertension, cardiac disease, renal disease, autoimmune disease, autism, ADHD, detox, migraines, liver disease and more! She is experienced in all stages of life including; pediatrics, geriatrics, prenatal, lactation, pre pregnancy, pre menapausal and more. 

At Home Nutrition Clean Up

Some existing patients can utilize an at-home-visit to clean up their kitchens.

Our dietitians can do a home visit to help you make better nutrition decisions for you and your family based on what's in your kitchen. Whether it be food,  toxic cleaning supplies, toxic cookware or food storage, not keeping the kitchen properly stocked can be a major barrier to making necessary changes.  Our dietitians will help you stock your kitchen the healthy way so you and your family can begin healing. 

Diabetes Specialist and Bariatric Specialist on Staff

Our team is growing. In addition to a Holistic Health Coach, we now have Dietitians who specialize in Diabetes Type 1 and 2.

Staying healthy can be challenging especially when you have diabetes. Managing medications and diet can be extremely difficult. In addition, preventing heart disease and kidney disease are extremely important when you have diabetes. Mary Ann DeSalvo RDN specializes in supporting patients with diabetes. Her experience as a diabetic adds to her ability to not only support the diabetic client but she can also empathize with them. Her patients consider themselves extremely fortunate to have MaryAnn supporting their journey to wellness. Ask for MaryAnn if you have Type 1 or 2 Diabetes. 

Pre-Pregnancy Detox

Are you pregnant or planning to become pregnant? Are you having Trouble getting pregnant? Do you suffer from chronic health issues?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are likely in need of nutritional support. Childhood epidemics are on the rise. Many of those chronic diseases have been linked in research to poor health of the mom during pregnancy. You can make some changes to your lifestyle that may improve the outcome of your pregnancy and the health of your child. Carla can guide you to the necessary changes based on your profile and request the proper lab tests that can help her create the right plan for your healthy pregnancy. 


At Family Nutrition and Wellness we understand that families can be very busy. If you're worried or having trouble finding a sitter during your appointment with us, we encourage you to bring you children to your visit so they can play in our child friendly office while you begin your wellness journey for the whole family! 


As Dietitian/Nutritionists, we enjoy speaking at local schools about the importance of good nutrition. We especially enjoy informing parents in groups about the effectiveness diet has on behavior. With ADHD and Autism on the rise parents need to be informed that nutrition impacts a child's behavior and can improve a child's behavior when addressed in time. Many children with behavior problems have specific food sensitivities which can disrupt the child's learning and socialization. Removal of these problem foods and improvement of diet can greatly increase the child's ability to learn and listen.